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One to One Coaching / MastermindGroups

Work with me one to one to map and plan your online business strategy. From building your website to product development to launching, I will coach, mentor and support you throughout and hold you accountable each week and get you unstuck and moving forward. Join a Mastermind group- like minded business people sharing and building their business together with extra personalized support from me!

Join the Get Unstuck Course

A four-week course to get unstuck and become super productive. Learn how to move your business forward strategically and start making money! Video, worksheets, a private Facebook group and much more!

The Freedom Kit

An intensive course to kick start your life of freedom. From a kick start business plan that works, to the mindset of freedom and release of lingering doubts, the Freedom kit will take you step by step from trapped to free in 30 days!

What People Are Saying

“Helen is a gifted entrepreneur with the ability to spot opportunities that pay off. Thanks to her savvy business acumen and strategic perceptiveness my business is thriving.”




Wendy Lau

Director of Elite Kids HK

“Helen has been building successful online businesses for many years. Her ability to grasp opportunities and create diverse wealth streams with a minimum of fuss continues to amaze me.”




Louise Foppoli

Director Angela's Angels

Helen has so many ideas and runs several successful businesses. She is my go to person when I want to develop a new idea or products. Her coaching helped ThinkWise become an international brand! I highly recommend anyone looking to launch a business to work with her.


Elmarie Potgieter

Director of R.I.T.E. Education


What you can do today

What you can do today

Here is the list of plan that you can do today You should figure out what you really want. Know what is in your heart. Do you really want it? Is it a short-term or a long-term goal? Is it achievable given your current situation? How much are you willing to sacrifice...

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Am I too old for this

Am I too old for this

Over 40 and starting up online! Hell Yes! First of all, you are never too old to do anything, especially starting a business. There is no generic answer to the question “Am i too old to start a business?” Remember that it is not about how early or how late...

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How to move forward in life and business- right now!

How to move forward in life and business- right now!

Have a routine each morning. I recommend the 7 by 7 morning formula- which you can get here! Most productive and successful people have a morning routine wherein they connect with themselves before starting the day. Having a morning ritual allows you to get charged up...

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How To Finish What You Start

How To Finish What You Start

1. Don’t be a jack of all trades. You know the saying! “A jack of all trades is a master of none”. Be selective in what you choose to venture on. You have to keep in mind that you can’t do everything. However, you can do something big and...

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